Satellite pizza? Why don’t you eat it?

By the time the satellite pizza was delivered, the restaurant was empty and the kitchen empty.The only customers left were the two men, who were already seated.But by the time they entered, they were already gone.Their pizza was not delivered, and their phone was not ringing.The man said he was not even going to ask […]

NASA says it’ll put the Hugs on a giant asteroid and watch its orbit grow, then blow away

NASA’s upcoming Hugs spacecraft will blow away its target asteroid, then orbit around it to watch its entire orbit grow.That’s how the space agency will eventually watch the giant asteroid Bennu change from a dusty, dusty planet to an icy, rocky one.If it’s all going well, that would be the first time a spacecraft has […]

How to Stream ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Without Going to a Trailer

It’s been a while since we last saw a movie like this, but in this one, The Force is strong.And if you want to go on an epic journey without paying a premium for the best content, then you’re going to need a Netflix subscription.And with Star Wars: Episode VII already in theaters, the service […]

Google Satellite: ‘It’s not a free TV service’

Free TV service Google’s satellite TV service will only offer access to the company’s own content, not to a third party such as Netflix. The decision has reignited the debate over whether Google should be allowed to sell its own services. This week the US Federal Communications Commission announced plans to review the company, and the decision is […]

China to build $3.5B satellite in 2020

China has agreed to build the country’s first commercial satellite with an estimated price tag of $3 billion, the countrys top official said Wednesday.The announcement came a day after the National Space Administration said China will spend $3,521 million on the Sichuan Satellite Launch Vehicle.China’s official Xinhua news agency reported that the satellite would be […]

What to know about the FAA’s new noaa weather satellites and weather stations

A little-known FAA rule requiring a weather satellite to be certified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for operation and maintenance is causing headaches for the agency.A few days ago, NOAA officials issued an advisory that the satellite that was being considered by the FAA could not be certified for use as a […]

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