How to watch the live earth satellite (via The Verge)

A new satellite picture of Earth’s atmosphere from space shows how the clouds are forming over the continent.The image, taken by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite, shows clouds in northern Alaska, and clouds in southern California.The map shows that cloud cover is getting thicker as the planet warms.The satellite captured the image […]

How to fix your Viasat internet woes

The Viasats satellite internet service was disrupted by a cyberattack on Sunday that left it without power and data.The company said in a statement that it was investigating the matter.Viasatis internet service is part of the satellite internet system that supplies Internet service to the Indian Space Research Organization’s V-band and Ku-band satellites.V-Band is a […]

Which countries have the best internet coverage?

Satellite communications service providers are using an unusual technique in the US to keep up with the growth of online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.According to the US Department of Commerce, the country has more than 1,800 satellite communication services and more than 6,000 fixed-line cellular service providers.In the US, the satellite […]

Tesla announces $1.5 billion investment in new production plant, which will create 1,000 jobs

Tesla has announced the company is in advanced talks to purchase 100 new jobs in the US.The announcement comes in the wake of the US economy suffering a record-breaking drop in manufacturing jobs, which have plummeted by more than 25% since the start of the year.The company said that it has hired more than 1,200 […]

How to use a chinese satellites remote control for your tv antenna

Chinese satellites are getting smarter and are getting closer to using your remote control to adjust their position and orientation.The Chinese satellite makers have been working on these remote control chips and the chips are getting more and more capable.They are getting better and better, and it’s starting to look like we may be in […]

Why we’re worried about geo-blocking: Satellite messaging, video, and geo-fencing

In an increasingly crowded digital world, we have a lot of questions about where the lines between good and bad can be drawn.Geo-blocking is an emerging topic.The technology is being deployed for some serious political reasons, with one of the earliest examples being in Australia’s 2016 federal election.This story was originally published on October 25, […]

Why a satellite-based ‘Starlink’ is important to global communications

It has become a staple of life on earth.But what if you could get a satellite picture for free?That’s exactly what Google and Facebook are working on.The idea is that they can do this by sending a satellite signal to an individual user’s device.Then the data gets transferred to a computer.The network can then communicate […]

How to Make an HD TV, Now Available to the World with Starlink Satellite

The best streaming service for watching movies, TV shows, music and more is coming to the Internet in 2019.The streaming service is called Starlikt, and it’s free for new users.The service will come to Google TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Alexa, Chromecast Ultra, Apple HDTV, Roku TV, and Apple TV […]

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