How to make sure you don’t miss out on the next big tech innovation

How to make sure you don’t miss out on the next big tech innovation

Verizon is trying to build a satellite internet network with the same technology that powers Facebook and Google.The company recently announced that it has signed a deal with a consortium of Chinese telecommunications companies to build the next generation of its broadband network, which it says will be capable of reaching “millions of homes and […]

Why you should watch the 2017 Satellite Beach Library book: How to learn about satellite technology

A 2018 edition of Satellite Beach Books was released, but it’s still worth reading the book for its fascinating analysis of satellite industry trends, including what’s going on with the US government’s effort to create an industry in space.As part of that effort, the US Air Force is developing an experimental satellite-based communications satellite, and […]

Why are you so afraid of the moon?

A new NASA satellite is proving that the moon is an even bigger threat than we thought, and the government is scrambling to find a way to get its satellites back to Earth.But there are still more questions than answers as the first NASA lunar probe makes its way back to the moon in 2018.The […]

Which satellite TV antenna will you get?

GOES-16 satellite TV is getting a boost from the government.As part of its $1.6 billion in annual funding to support satellites, the government has allocated $50 million for the development of the first satellite TV system.The satellite’s operator, DigitalGlobe, said the project would be ready by 2020.The government has a $500 million contract with a […]

What you need to know about Russia’s latest satellite imagery

What you need to know about Russia’s latest satellite imagery

Russian authorities have reportedly published satellite imagery of the U.S. satellite dish, which was damaged during a launch attempt on Sunday.According to The Washington Post, Russian news outlet RIA Novosti posted the images to its Twitter account.The photos, taken by a Russian satellite, show a black and white strip that looks like an antenna that […]

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