How Toshiba launched its new satellite: A journey through the future of technology

The first commercial satellite launched by Toshiba, the Japanese telecommunications giant, has been launched into orbit.The launch was part of Toshiba’s ambitious strategy to develop the next generation of the c655 satellite.It was part in Toshiba Space’s bid to become the first Japanese company to launch a satellite.“Toshiba has a long history of launching satellites […]

How Chinese companies are trying to turn Google into a satellite internet provider

In China, the search giant is a ubiquitous presence.Google is also a key driver of the internet, a pillar of the Communist Party’s infrastructure and a central part of the economy.It has been in business for more than 80 years.And Google has a big footprint in China.The company has offices in Shanghai, Shanghai Disneyland, Hangzhou […]

When the world gets ready to celebrate: Why you should tune in to satellite beach storms

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is forecasting the first satellite-based tropical cyclone to hit the southern United States.Satellite images show that it will move over the weekend from central Florida into the Gulf of Mexico.The first satellite images are expected to be released later today.The WMO said on Monday that the storm, dubbed the Wintan, […]

Hacker News

Anonymous announces it will take over the internet with satellite internet article Anonymous announced it would take over internet traffic with satellite networks on Friday, taking a step towards achieving a future in which the internet is decentralized and open.The hacktivist group Anonymous posted a video on YouTube on Friday morning showing the launch of […]

How to Use the Satellite Clipart to Launch a Space Program

The satellite clip art is a handy way to get your satellite project off the ground.As the name implies, the clip art features a satellite image on the bottom of a page.The image, which is usually in black and white, is meant to tell a story about the satellite, according to a NASA webpage.You can […]

The Real ‘SpaceX Satellite’ Is A Real NASA Satellite That Went Through a Time Machine

NASA launched its first satellite in 1971, and it has since become the go-to destination for NASA’s space exploration, with the agency launching more than 500 satellites into orbit.Here’s what we know about the spacecraft and how it became the subject of the “SpaceX satellite internet” meme.

Google satellite map: Where Canada’s northern border is now | The Globe and Mail

From northern Alberta to the Pacific, Canada’s eastern border with the United States is being reorganized, with the border becoming a much more integrated region.The border between the U.S. and Canada has remained open since its inception.What’s changed?Canada’s southern border is a series of land crossings.In recent years, however, the federal government has made it […]

The smoky pictures of China’s smoky satellites

Chinese satellites, like those of its rival North Korea, are increasingly becoming targets of a growing arms race with rival states.Satellite television provider Chai TV on Monday reported that it had been hit with a cyber attack and a series of attacks in the past week, with the most recent being a large-scale cyber attack.Chai […]

NASA and Boeing to send new satellites to space in 2018

A joint effort between NASA and U.S. aerospace giant Boeing has unveiled the first of a pair of new satellites that will send low-cost satellites to the International Space Station.NASA and Boeing announced Tuesday the first satellite, the Delta II, will be launched on the SES-8 satellite bus.The satellite will be in orbit about 20 […]

How to choose the right satellite internet speed for your home, office and business

The Globe and Mail’s latest ranking of the most important things to do when you need to get online quickly, from downloading movies to downloading a magazine, has revealed that satellite internet speeds are getting more important than ever.With a global population of roughly 1.6 billion, satellite internet is expected to be the single most […]

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