The top five best-paid footballers in Serie A

It was only a matter of time before Juventus were back in the Champions League, and the Italians took their place at the top of the rankings. Juventus took top spot after a season in which they finished fourth in Serie B and fifth in Serie C. They had already been eliminated in the quarter-finals by […]

Watch the world’s first satellite receiver with Starlink’s new, full-HD video-streaming device

With Starlink, you can now watch the entire world in 1080p resolution on your TV or monitor.This is a major breakthrough for video and gaming users.Starlink has partnered with YouTube and Twitch, two popular video streaming platforms, to allow you to stream the entire content of your favorite videos.Starlink users can access this content via […]

Why you should watch the 2017 Satellite Beach Library book: How to learn about satellite technology

A 2018 edition of Satellite Beach Books was released, but it’s still worth reading the book for its fascinating analysis of satellite industry trends, including what’s going on with the US government’s effort to create an industry in space.As part of that effort, the US Air Force is developing an experimental satellite-based communications satellite, and […]

Satellite Shankar, Pune, Kolkata to host India’s first-ever Indian Super League event

PUNE: Satellite Shanksar, one of the world’s largest satellite TV companies, will host the inaugural Indian Super Lig on Thursday and Friday.The inaugural event is being held at Kolkatta stadium and will be the first in the country.It will be an event with the world class infrastructure, atmosphere and a brand new game.This will be […]

Which satellite TV antenna will you get?

GOES-16 satellite TV is getting a boost from the government.As part of its $1.6 billion in annual funding to support satellites, the government has allocated $50 million for the development of the first satellite TV system.The satellite’s operator, DigitalGlobe, said the project would be ready by 2020.The government has a $500 million contract with a […]

What you need to know about Apple’s new smart watch: 3 lessons from Apple Watch

Apple has finally released the Apple Watch and is officially releasing it as a smartwatch.We’ve got 3 lessons learned so far.Read moreApple is now selling a new smartwatch that features a “new” design with a more sleek, minimalist aesthetic.The new watch, called the AppleWatch 2, is also available in stainless steel and titanium.It’s also expected […]

NASA Satellite Weather Map, a Bigger Picture

The world’s most powerful satellite weather data provider,, is going all-in on the climate and weather-related business.Its flagship service, Weather Underground, is a data-driven, real-time, weather data analysis tool for the entire planet, and its new satellite Weather Radar (WR) is a way for you to track real-world weather events with unprecedented accuracy.The company, […]

What are Australia’s most famous landmarks? – Live satellite video

Posted February 01, 2019 07:20:23The capital city is a major centre for tourist attractions and cultural events, including a thriving coffee industry.The capital is home to the world-famous Bondi Beach, which is also home to a popular cafe.Here’s our Top 10 of Australia’s top attractions.1.Bondi beach and beachfront areaThe beach at Bondi is a popular […]

The first man-made satellite to land on a comet is about to make a splash

By DAVID MURPHY The first space mission to land a man on a celestial body has been launched.Kenneth Gates, an engineer and founder of the Space Systems Loral company, landed the Sputnik-1 satellite at 11:51am GMT (2:51pm AEST) on Friday in Kazakhstan.Mr Gates, who was born in Wales but spent much of his life in […]

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