How to Know if a Satellite is on Mars?

A satellite in orbit around Mars has been spotted on a map, marking it as “active”.The US space agency’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, or MAVEN, had spotted the satellite on the map on Monday.In the map, the MAVEN is clearly visible, but the position of the satellite is unclear.A NASA spokesperson said: The MAVEN spacecraft is […]

Which country is next to send its next space probe to Mars?

In August 2020, the US space agency will send a NASA-made spacecraft to Mars.Its name is the ExoMars rover.Its mission will be to examine the surface of Mars and to make maps of its landscape.Its goal is to understand how the planet formed and what changed in its formation and evolution.NASA is the main contractor […]

Why can’t you talk about the Kardashians? Why can ’60s kids talk about movies? Here’s a list of the most-viewed, most-relevant shows of the past decade

You might be wondering why a show like “Top Chef” can’t be discussed, and what it means for kids watching TV.But for the most part, “Top Chasers” has been a huge success in terms of ratings and the popularity of the franchise, with “Top Girls” winning the season after winning the Emmy for Best Comedy […]

Tesla sells 500,000 miles of Tesla Model S sedan to Teslas owner

NEW YORK — Tesla Motors Inc. announced Tuesday that it has sold 500,001 Model S sedans to owners in the United States and Canada.The automaker sold the Model S and S Plus sedans, which start at $69,400 in the U.S., to more than 300,000 customers from April to June, the company said in a statement.The […]

ESPN: Houston Rockets get top spot in ESPN CriRank

ESPN is giving Houston Rockets fans a rare and compelling look at the 2017-18 regular season by ranking them in ESPNCricInfo.In ESPNCriRank, we rank the top teams in the NBA for every stat category including: field goal percentage, field goal attempts, field goals attempted, 3-point field goals, free throws attempted, rebounds, assists, steals, steals (points), […]

When Google Maps can’t find you on Google Maps

Google Maps is still struggling to find you.But you can now use the company’s new “Best Satellite Phone” feature to find where you are on Earth.Google is rolling out the feature today, but it’s only available to Google+ users.The feature can help you find a location by comparing your current location to a satellite image, […]

How to find a wildfire in Puerto Rico

SAN FRANCISCO — Firefighters in the United States Virgin Islands are searching for a wildfire that burned out of control in Puerto Rican territory and forced residents to flee.The Puerto Rico National Guard said the blaze in the state capital of San Juan is 70 percent contained, and authorities were working to evacuate residents who […]

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