How to Get Your Data from the Internet for Free

By now you probably know how to download a file, like a web page or a file from your phone or laptop, to your phone’s web browser.This article explains how to do it without using an internet service provider or paying for a phone or internet service.For instance, you could download a web site from […]

How to define satellite internet

How to describe satellite internet?The internet is a huge topic in the digital space, but it’s usually used to describe a piece of infrastructure that allows the sharing of data between computers and devices.We’ve all seen images of Google Maps, Twitter, and YouTube in a single, giant circle.The problem is that these apps and services […]

Why the Israeli army’s satellite tracking service should be banned

In an unusual move, the Israeli military’s mobile phone tracking app has been banned from use, a military spokesperson said Friday.The app, called Mapi, allows Israeli troops to use the country’s network of satellites to track objects such as rockets, shells, and artillery pieces, and even locate them.It’s a free app, and it doesn’t have […]

Why Australia’s satellites are blue and yellow

Australia’s four national satellite operations centres are all in the country’s north-east, but the country is often overshadowed by the other nations of the world.The blue-green colour scheme is one of the most visible of the countrys national colours.Here’s a look at the other national colour schemes.Blue and green: Australia’s space programmes have been named […]

Which companies are making the most money on the satellite industry?

In 2016, the Australian Government announced a satellite industry investment of $50 million.That money has not been spent and the Government has announced plans to introduce a new tax on the construction and operation of satellite industries.What is a satellite?A satellite is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is operated by a satellite company.They are usually […]

A satellite that is a whole new world

By Brian DunningNASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is going to be the first human-made object to make its way to another star system.It’s a milestone for human exploration of our solar system, and for the technology needed to make it possible.We’ve all been waiting for the next mission, the next space probe to reach another star.It’s […]

Which countries are producing the most satellites?

Most satellites are produced in countries that are part of the U.S.-led Global Positioning System, or GPS.But the United States does not produce a lot of satellites.It is one of only three nations with only one GPS satellite system.Satellite nations include countries like the United Kingdom, Russia, and Canada.They produce just a handful of satellites […]

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