When Hurricane Sandy hit, the fire satellite images showed a blaze that burned for several hours.

The fire satellite image of the southern Florida area is available at: https://time.com/39246624/when-hurricane-sandy-hit-the-fire-satellite-images-show-a-blaze-that-burned-for-several-hours/ The satellite image shows the fire burning over several miles of south Florida and over the Miami-Dade County line. The fire is one of the worst natural disasters to hit the state in recent memory. According to the National Weather Service, the area was […]

When a satellite goes missing, you’ll know it’s not a normal weather satellite

The current satellite images show the last images of the satellite before it went missing.ABC News asked the Bureau of Meteorology to explain the images.They say the satellite is a commercial, commercial satellite.They are not commercial satellites.What happened?The Bureau of Metrology said the satellite went missing when it hit a tree on a golf course […]

How to Know if a Satellite is on Mars?

A satellite in orbit around Mars has been spotted on a map, marking it as “active”.The US space agency’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, or MAVEN, had spotted the satellite on the map on Monday.In the map, the MAVEN is clearly visible, but the position of the satellite is unclear.A NASA spokesperson said: The MAVEN spacecraft is […]

Which country is next to send its next space probe to Mars?

In August 2020, the US space agency will send a NASA-made spacecraft to Mars.Its name is the ExoMars rover.Its mission will be to examine the surface of Mars and to make maps of its landscape.Its goal is to understand how the planet formed and what changed in its formation and evolution.NASA is the main contractor […]

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