Irish satellite internet provider to take over pizza delivery business

Satellite internet provider Hughes is set to take control of a pizza delivery service that provides internet access to thousands of homes in Dublin.The company, which has around 200 staff, plans to take the operation of the service, known as Hughes Pizzeria, into its own.It will have a team of more than 20 people, and […]

‘We’re not going to let the world know we’re on a rocket’: Nasa officials are still looking for funding

GUSTER satellites have already been successfully launched and are currently collecting data for the NASA-funded space agency.The agency is also preparing to launch the first of its three new deep-space missions later this year.NASA said the satellite would be able to collect a wide range of data from deep space and would provide an important […]

How to catch the storm before it hits (and when to watch it)

The storm’s first major landfall was recorded over the Bahamas on Wednesday, bringing the country’s tropical storm warning system into effect.That will make landfall along the southern tip of Florida on Thursday morning, when the storm will be expected to make landfall in the central Atlantic, according to the National Hurricane Center.Hurricane Katrina is now […]

Why a satellite-based ‘Starlink’ is important to global communications

It has become a staple of life on earth.But what if you could get a satellite picture for free?That’s exactly what Google and Facebook are working on.The idea is that they can do this by sending a satellite signal to an individual user’s device.Then the data gets transferred to a computer.The network can then communicate […]

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