How Chinese companies are trying to turn Google into a satellite internet provider

In China, the search giant is a ubiquitous presence.Google is also a key driver of the internet, a pillar of the Communist Party’s infrastructure and a central part of the economy.It has been in business for more than 80 years.And Google has a big footprint in China.The company has offices in Shanghai, Shanghai Disneyland, Hangzhou […]

The smoky pictures of China’s smoky satellites

Chinese satellites, like those of its rival North Korea, are increasingly becoming targets of a growing arms race with rival states.Satellite television provider Chai TV on Monday reported that it had been hit with a cyber attack and a series of attacks in the past week, with the most recent being a large-scale cyber attack.Chai […]

Why China’s new satellite could be the key to solving China’s air pollution crisis

A new satellite-based air pollution monitoring system could be one of the most important steps China can take to address the global problem of air pollution, a Chinese government research institute said on Tuesday.China is set to launch the Global Positioning System-5 (GPS-5) on October 30, and is aiming to have the system on the […]

How to spot a Chinese satellite in the sky

The Chinese government has confirmed that a Chinese spacecraft is in space.The announcement by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) came as Beijing announced that it has detected an unidentified object on the night of Oct. 11, 2015.It said the object was a satellite.The announcement came after the discovery of a satellite in orbit in February, […]

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