The Real ‘SpaceX Satellite’ Is A Real NASA Satellite That Went Through a Time Machine

NASA launched its first satellite in 1971, and it has since become the go-to destination for NASA’s space exploration, with the agency launching more than 500 satellites into orbit.Here’s what we know about the spacecraft and how it became the subject of the “SpaceX satellite internet” meme.

Satellite weather data atlas

By David Macdonald and Andrew Denton, The New York Times March 27, 2019 The first big satellite weather data set, the Atlantic Ocean Temperature Network (ATN), is being assembled at the University of Maine in Farmington.The first of the 10 satellites launched in May 2018 by the European Space Agency, the ATN covers more than […]

How to buy and use NASA’s new satellites

Satellite images of wildfires burning in Northern California have made their way online for the first time.A number of them are satellite images of satellite beach restaurants that have been serving customers since 1972.The satellite images were taken by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument on the NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite.The new images show […]

Why you should watch the latest Apple satellite video with this iPad Pro

It was late October, and Apple had just released a brand-new satellite internet satellite.But the thing that was most exciting about it wasn’t the data it brought back from the iPhone or iPad.It was the technology it was using to bring it back online.Apple’s new “iPad Pro” with Retina display, launched in January, features an […]

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