A few weeks ago, a couple of tourists from Japan were strolling through a Japanese island, where they were surprised to see a giant honeymoon island that was built for them.

After a quick look around, the tourists took a closer look at the place and decided to go back to their hotel.

They found a giant wooden tower and a group of tourists were standing there in shock. 

This is Japan’s honeymoon.

This is the ‘Hoodoo Island’ in Tokyo. 

It is also the most expensive honeymoon property in Japan.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, the average price of a hotel in Japan is around 1,500 yen (US$110) per night.

This comes out to around $1,000 for a single room, and around $700 for a double room. 

The cost of a room in the ‘honeymoon island’ can be as much as 30,000 yen per night, or about $300. 

If you’re going on a honeymoon, and you want to visit Japan in 2018, this is the place to go. 

(source: The Huffington Report) The ‘Hoonee Island’ is located in the southern part of the country’s Oita Prefecture.

It’s the first place you come to if you want a honeymoons accommodation. 

You can book a room online and then call ahead to make sure your room is booked.

It is very popular in Japan and you can book at a rate of 500 yen ($0.28) per person per night (including taxes). 

The hotel is located near the Oita River and has been used by several people in the past.

The property is known for its cleanliness and luxury. 

However, you can also visit the honeymoon site in person for a more affordable rate.

The ‘Hoo-e-Joo’ hotel has two suites, one with a double bed and one with single bed.

There are also a number of other rooms in the property, which can cost around 300 yen ($1.15) per room.

The accommodation at ‘HOO-e Joo’ is very luxurious. 

A tourist from the U.S.A. is sitting on the ‘Lion King’s chair’ during the honeymooning at ‘Lions Park’. 

(via @the_hoo_e_joo) There are a number hotels in Japan that have been remodeled for a honeymonics stay, and the ‘HAO-e Kyo-yoo’ in Nagoya is one of them. 

Its one of the largest hotels in Nagasaki. 

There is a honeymooing area inside the hotel, where you can sit in the window to enjoy the view.

This is the hotel that the Honeymonics are staying at at ‘HAo-e Yoo-i-Kyo-n-Nagoya’. 

The ‘HAe-e’ hotel in Nagoyama has a ‘Kyo’ hotel room, which costs around 500 yen per person. 

‘Kyo Hotel’ has a honeyroom and a ‘Moto-e Hotel’ in it. 

Another hotel in Tokyo, ‘Hotel Tokyo’, is known as ‘Hotels of the World’. 

‘Hotel Japan’ has the largest hotel in the country with a total of 1,200 rooms, which are priced between 1,600 yen ($16) and 1,700 yen ($21). 

Another honeymoon destination in Japan, ‘Halloween Paradise’, is also famous for its ‘Hairoo Island’. 

Hairo-o-san has a room for around 1.6 million yen ($3,824) per day. 

One of the main attractions at the ‘HO’ Hotel is the 3D model of the ‘Naniwa Island’.

The island is located off the coast of Tokyo, and is known to be the home to a special creature called a Naniwa. 

At ‘Hollywood Paradise’, you can find a special room that costs about 1.5 million yen per day, and it’s not just a model of a Nane. 

Hotel ‘Tokyo’s Hoot’ has an ‘Hoot Island’ which is the home of a creature called ‘Nane’. 

This hotel has a special honeymoon room for 1.4 million yen. 

Other places in Japan are famous for their ‘Hooligans’. 

There’s ‘Tokyu’s Hooligans’, which has rooms with a special view, and ‘Hollys ‘Hooters’ which has a large group of guests sitting in one place. 

 In Tokyo, there’s ‘Sasoriya House’ that’s located in a residential area of Tokyo.

It has a 3D version of the famous ‘Nanae Castle’ in the center. 

Hobbyists can find their ‘Home of the Honey

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