The sun rises in the Mediterranean Sea, but that doesn’t mean the beach is always the best place to take a look.

Here are some of the best views from the shore of Venice Beach, including a few sunrise shots, as well as some sunset ones. 

Sunrise: A sunrise at the beach of Venice, Italy. 

The sun sets in Venice, the capital of Italy, in the morning hours of Sunday, March 5, 2018. 

Venice beach is often used as a beach for the entire week of the Easter weekend, but it’s also a popular place to get up close and personal with the sun and the sea.

It’s an especially popular spot during the spring and summer months, with crowds of people lining the beach for a good view of the sunset. 

In summer, the beach becomes a popular spot for sunbathing, too, as the sun sets around the same time the tides begin to recede. 

Warm-up beach: Warming up at the warm-up spot for sunset at Venice Beach. 

It’s not just beachgoers who enjoy the sunset in Venice Beach; it’s everyone in the city who enjoys a good sunset, from the beachgoers to the tourists.

This is especially true for people visiting the city during spring and fall, when the beach takes on an even more beautiful glow as the tide begins to recedes. 

Summer sunset: Sunset over Venice beach, Italy, after sunrise. 

At sunset, the sunset is a great place to spend a relaxing, but peaceful, time. 

A sunset over Venice in June 2018.

The sunset is also a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the sunrise or to get a better look at the ocean.

The ocean can be seen in the distance, and the city lights up in the background, creating an eerie effect. 

Waterfalls: Fascinating views of Venice in the water. 

These spectacular waterfalls can be a little intimidating, but don’t be afraid to take some time to soak up the beautiful sunset.

The falls can be quite a sight to behold, as they are made up of hundreds of thousands of cascading drops of water.

They can be beautiful and mesmerizing to watch, as some of them can appear to be floating, while others can be visible from space. 

Spring sunrise: Sunglasses on a beach at the sunrise of the first day of spring. 

This is a popular day to get out and explore Venice in March, when springtime is here to stay.

Venice is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations, with the city’s tourist attractions such as the Sistine Chapel and Museo Naturale, as also a few famous beaches to explore.

The summer is a bit different, though, as many of the beaches in the Venice area are closed to the public. 

Fall sunrise:A sunset from the top of the Montalegna Hills in the village of Bologna, Italy on a sunny day. 

While most of Venice’s beaches are closed during the summer, it’s not always a bad idea to visit Venice in spring and try your hand at sunrise.

It can be very romantic and peaceful, and with the changing weather, the view of Venice can be even better than it is at any other time of the year. 

Winter sunrise:Loving a sunrise in winter? 

The waterfalls of Venice are among the most spectacular in the world, and if you’re looking for something more romantic, take a stroll along the banks of the Severn River. 

Beachgoers can also enjoy the view from a nearby lighthouse on Sunday, when they can see the reflection of the moon and sun. 

Easter sunrise: A sunset over a group of people enjoying a stroll on the beach in Venice. 

You may not have a clear view of a sunset from Venice Beach as it is not always the safest place to be in the sun, but the sunset at sunset is always worth it, especially if you have the time to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sounds of the ocean waves.

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