If you were to pick one part of the new iPhone 6, it would have to be the notch on the bottom of the phone.

It’s not an iPhone 6 Plus notch, but it’s something that Apple has been working on for a while.

While it’s not the only part of an iPhone that’s been redesigned in the last few years, the notch has been one of the most talked about.

Apple’s first major redesign to a smartphone was the release of the iPhone 6 in 2007, which had a new glass and metal design.

The notch on top of the display was replaced by an app bar, a notification bar, and a new power button that made it more noticeable.

It was a very visible redesign, and it was a great improvement over the previous design.

But what is the notch?

It’s the gap between the top of your phone and the back of the screen.

The new design of the notch is actually a little bit more subtle.

There’s a thin strip that sits between the edge of the back and the top.

It seems like the notch extends outwards, but in reality it’s a little longer.

Apple says the notch will now disappear completely if the phone is dropped from a height of 10 centimeters (3.5 inches).

Apple also says it will now make the notch smaller than it was, so it will no longer be visible.

The other major redesign that Apple introduced with the iPhone 7 was the redesign of the power button.

The iPhone 7 Plus is actually smaller than the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 in size, so there are more of them.

However, they’re still not nearly as big.

The Apple Watch has a redesigned power button, and the company says that’s not due to the notch.

Instead, the button will be made of glass.

There are also other small changes in the iPhone design.

Instead of a traditional circle on the side of the device, Apple is now using a “double circle.”

This design will be the default for the iPhone until a redesigned model is released.

There will also be a redesigned design for the headphone jack.

Apple has also been making minor changes to the Apple Watch design.

It says it’s working on a new design for each color, and there’s a new version of the watch band, as well.

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