The satellite smoke map is one of those things that’s just been in the works for a while, and it’s been in there for a long time.

The maps are intended to show where a fire or explosion has occurred in the country, and what the local response has been to that fire or blast.

The map is meant to be used in conjunction with other data, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has had trouble putting it together, so it’s never really been made public.

But now, thanks to the work of a group of engineers at the UH Manoa campus, they’re making a map that could be a useful tool for firefighting.

The team put together the map to help the Army Corps work out what resources might be needed to respond to a potential satellite fire.

The satellite map has a lot of things going for it, including the fact that it’s not just the area directly in front of the satellite.

Instead, it shows a swath of the country that’s roughly the size of a football field.

And of course, the area between the satellite and the ground is a lot less populated, since it’s mostly farmland.

But, the problem is that most of the area that’s shown on the map isn’t exactly a football-field-sized area.

There’s the whole area surrounding the satellite, and the area to the south of the satellites.

And that area is also much more populated, and so the map gets skewed a little bit.

The area to your right is what the Army is looking at, but there’s also some areas in the middle of the map that are almost totally unpopulated, and those are the areas where there could be some big, heavy smoke that’s moving over the area.

The Army Corps said that the satellite map could be useful in other ways, too.

“As the map evolves, it will be useful for planning and responding to future satellite fire incidents, for monitoring changes in air quality, and for providing real-time imagery of wildfire activity,” the Corps wrote in a release.

It’s not the only map in the pipeline, though.

The National Weather Service has been making a satellite map for a couple of years now.

In April, the agency said it would also be using the map for the first time.

So far, the map has not been public.

The USGS also said it’s working on a map for another country that might be similar to the UAH Manoa map.

But it’s unclear whether that map will ever become public.

“In addition to the United States, the Global Satellite Data System provides geospatial data on global wildfire activity and weather patterns in more than 70 countries, including some with a unique geospacial architecture that includes an extensive data base of satellite-based imagery,” the USGS said in a statement.

It says it plans to release its data and satellite imagery at some point in the future.

The latest map comes just months after the US Geological Survey released satellite-derived data that showed a satellite fire in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

That fire burned for two weeks, causing the park to lose nearly half its firefighting equipment.

But the USG said the satellite data showed a small fire in a grassy area on the park’s northern edge.

It also released satellite imagery showing the fire, and fire activity was not significantly elevated during the fire.

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