A federal government taskforce will use Google’s Google Earth satellite imagery to help government agencies plan for the future of remote monitoring, the National Broadband Network (NBN) said.

A team of experts will use the imagery to prepare and test their plans for the development of remote satellite technology, a spokesman said.

The satellite imagery will help remote scientists and engineers prepare for the advent of remote sensors and data acquisition in the future, the spokesman said on Thursday.

The National Broadbands Technology Strategy and Assessment Team will use images from Google Earth to help identify the technologies needed to deliver advanced, cost-effective satellite communications.

“The mission is to make sure that our nation’s future is a secure and secure world,” NBN Co chief information officer Steve Hatton said.

“It will also help to inform policy-making and prepare our next generation of technology and infrastructure.”

The project is one of a series of technologies being developed by Google and other companies that will be put to the test in Australia.

It is hoped that the imagery will assist local governments in planning for the emergence of a more robust and more robust national network in the coming years.

The project was announced after a joint committee of the Senate and the House of Representatives recommended the creation of the Australian National Space Agency (ANSA).NBN Co will spend $10 million on the project and will have a team of scientists from Google, the University of Queensland and the Australian Centre for Remote Sensing and Data Analysis (ARCRA).

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