You can buy a phone or a tablet online for as little as £15, but with an average of £300 going for it, you’re unlikely to get a phone for a reasonable price online.

But, that’s not the only problem with eBay.

Here’s how to buy a smartphone, tablet or any other device for a good price online and in the flesh.

Read moreApple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus price and availabilityThere are a few ways you can go about getting an iPhone or iPad at this price, and there are some more complicated methods too.

You could use eBay to buy an iPhone for a low price, or you could use the Apple Store app to buy the device outright for a big discount.

If you’re looking to get the best price on a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, we’ve put together a guide that covers all the steps and options to get your hands on one of these amazing new devices.

Here’s what you need to do to buy one:Step 1: Get your iPhone or tablet on eBayStep 2: Enter the email address of your resellerStep 3: Click on ‘Add to cart’Step 4: Enter your eBay account and passwordStep 5: Click ‘Continue’You should see the device you’re interested in come up in the list of items you can buy on eBay.

Step 6: Click Add to cartStep 7: Fill in your eBay profileStep 8: Click NextStep 9: Enter an email address to confirm that you want to buy on the siteStep 10: Enter a reseller email addressStep 11: Click ContinueOnce you’ve clicked on the Add to Cart button, you’ll be prompted to enter your eBay email address.

You can also use the address to log into the Apple Online Store and add the device to your shopping cart.

Once you click on the cart button, your device will be added to your cart and you can then click on ‘Continue’.

This is when you can see your new iPhone or iPhone Plus price.

You can then buy the new device on the Apple store for a £300 discount.

This is because eBay requires you to add the eBay account to the cart.

You’ll need to provide an email for the reseller account when you sign up.

There are several different ways you could go about this, but we’ve found that you’ll want to enter the resell email address in the ‘Add To Cart’ box when you buy.

This is where it gets a bit tricky, because eBay doesn’t give you the option to opt out of the ‘add to cart’.

If you’ve opted in, eBay will add the email and password for you.

You then have to confirm your purchase on the seller’s site.

Once confirmed, you can click ‘Continue.’

You’ll then be asked to enter an email and/or password for your resell account.

Once you confirm your confirmation, the iPhone or iOS device will come up.

If you’re still unsure, you should also confirm your cart status by clicking on ‘Confirm’.

You can now click on a device to confirm the purchase.

Once confirmed, the device will appear in your cart, with the device’s price shown on the left.

If the device is in your shopping basket, you will be able to purchase it for a much cheaper price.

When you’ve bought the device, you won’t be able buy it again for a while, but eBay will refund the money to you once you have used the device for 12 months.

You’ll then need to verify your cart in order to pay for the device.

If your resellers account is set up to track your purchases, you may also be able contact eBay to request a refund for the purchase and/instruct them to remove the device from your cart.

There is no option to cancel a purchase, but you may be able request a full refund if you’re unsure of your situation.

If your eBay reseller is set to track the purchases of your device, then you’ll need their resell address to request your refund.

You will be presented with the eBay refund page, which you can use to confirm if you want your refund or if you have a question about the purchase process.

If the refund request is approved, you need a new eBay account in order for the refund to be processed.

You will also need to confirm whether you want a refund within 14 days of the date of the purchase on eBay, which means you need an email account to send the payment.

If a payment is received from eBay, it will then go into the PayPal account linked to your reselling account.

If eBay has not received your payment, you must call the number listed on the eBay store website to get it.

Once the payment has been processed, you have 14 days to use your device.

If no payment has yet been received, you are required to return the device and pay the full purchase price.

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