Posted February 01, 2019 07:20:23The capital city is a major centre for tourist attractions and cultural events, including a thriving coffee industry.

The capital is home to the world-famous Bondi Beach, which is also home to a popular cafe.

Here’s our Top 10 of Australia’s top attractions.1.

Bondi beach and beachfront areaThe beach at Bondi is a popular destination for Australians with its spectacular turquoise water and sand.2.

Bondipollum park and wildlife areaBondi Park is home for a diverse range of animals, including seals, dolphins and turtles.3.

The Golden TriangleThe golden triangle is a natural phenomenon in which lightning strikes can create lightning strikes on the ground and cause thunderstorms.4.

Bondiwell beachA popular swimming spot in Bondi, the beach is also an excellent place to catch a dip.5.

Bondy parkThe town of Bondy is a haven for locals and tourists alike.6.

Botanic GardensThe Botanic Garden in Bondy offers a fantastic array of plants, animals and plants from around Australia.7.

Bond-Marrick ParkA popular outdoor destination for people from all walks of life, Bondy Park also offers a large number of swimming pools and playgrounds.8.

Bayswater BeachBayswater is a famous surfing spot, with waves of up to 50m high.9.

Balmoral BeachA popular surfing spot in Balmoral, Australia, with many surfing beaches and beacheside resorts.10.

Bond beachThe most popular tourist destination in Australia, Bond Beach is home of many beaches.

What are the most famous Australian landmarks?

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