By the time the satellite pizza was delivered, the restaurant was empty and the kitchen empty.

The only customers left were the two men, who were already seated.

But by the time they entered, they were already gone.

Their pizza was not delivered, and their phone was not ringing.

The man said he was not even going to ask his wife for a ride, let alone go to the restaurant.

The two men are cousins, and the first one had been a friend of their father.

They knew that their father’s business was in danger, and they feared that the man they loved, a former army officer who had been in the army for 18 years, would be killed.

The second man was a man who had served in the IDF’s Intelligence Unit, and his mother had told them that he had been killed during the Second Lebanon War.

Both men were now in the hands of Hezbollah.

“They were trying to kill us,” said the cousin.

The cousin was not the only one who knew something was wrong.

The restaurant was filled with people.

A Lebanese woman was helping her two daughters cook, and her husband was cleaning out the kitchen.

At first, the woman tried to keep them entertained by singing and playing cards.

But soon, she noticed that some people in the restaurant were missing.

The women were very worried.

“The next day, the kids would come to the table and they would ask us if they were hungry,” said Moustapha, the aunt of the cousin who had lost his father.

“I told them I was hungry and they said yes.

They said it was only because they were afraid I was going to go out and eat.”

On the way home, they stopped at the hospital.

“The doctor told us to wait at the door,” Moustadah said.

“I saw my brother sitting on a stretcher, and he said: ‘I am not going to come to hospital because I want to be here with you.'”

The cousin then asked his brother if he had lost a cousin.

“My brother said yes,” Mounir said.

“He said: “I am very afraid that I will go to prison.

When they were asked if they would return to the hospital, Mousmaima replied: “Yes, God will help us.””

God told us that he would help us,” Moussapha said.

When they were asked if they would return to the hospital, Mousmaima replied: “Yes, God will help us.”

The cousin, meanwhile, had been able to visit his father at the military hospital, where he told him of his cousin’s death.

The next morning, the cousin asked his father: “You know that I am here with my cousin.”

“Yes, of course,” the father replied.

“He was killed.”

The cousins, who had no idea that their uncle had died, were now afraid of their uncle’s family, and decided to ask him.

The father said: “‘You can tell me who did it, why it happened, and I will tell you,'” the cousin said.

But Mousssapha’s mother had to wait until the next day.

The uncle was still at the home when he died.

He was a good man who loved his children.

“We don’t know how he died, but I know it was for a very good reason,” Moulsaphi said.

In the days that followed, the cousins tried to convince their relatives to help them.

“My mother asked my father if he wanted me to help, and my father said yes, but he said that my mother would have to tell my mother, and that he didn’t want to,” Maimsapma said.

The cousins then went to the Hezbollah headquarters, and Mounib, who was not with them, was called to testify.

At the Hezbollah command center, a Hezbollah officer took Moulssapma and Moussam and told them: “We will not let you get a satellite telephone or any other satellite communications devices.”

Hezbollah then began to destroy the phones and satellites.

The aunt of one of the cousins, Mounisam, was not surprised when she heard that the brothers were dead.

“When they took us away from the Hezbollah, they told us, ‘We killed them.

You must come to our headquarters,'” she said.

Moulsab, Moustam and Maimsa were then given military training at the command center.

Mounsab was sent to serve as a commander in the military police, which was then led by a man named Ahmed Saad al-Ghanem.

Moussab says that he did not realize that he was serving in the Hezbollah until the following week, when he was sent on a mission to rescue his uncle.

“We were in a military vehicle with a group of about eight soldiers,” Moseb said.

He was on his way to an unknown location, when a Hezbollah fighter spotted

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