The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is forecasting the first satellite-based tropical cyclone to hit the southern United States.

Satellite images show that it will move over the weekend from central Florida into the Gulf of Mexico.

The first satellite images are expected to be released later today.

The WMO said on Monday that the storm, dubbed the Wintan, is expected to track across the central United States from the Gulf to Louisiana, the Dakotas and Mississippi.

It is forecast to pass over the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast.

This week, WMO forecasters have been warning that there is “no way” that the hurricane season could go on without a major storm to hit.

A satellite image of the W.T.A.B. storm system in August.

This week, the WMO has warned that the “tropical cyclone season will likely end in April and may not even be completed.”

Hurricane Jose will bring more than 150 inches of rain in Louisiana.

On Friday, the Louisiana Governor’s office issued a state of emergency.

The Governor’s Office says that more than 5,000 structures have been destroyed and 2,000 people have been displaced.

The state of Louisiana is in a “life-threatening” state of disaster.

The storm system is forecast as a Category 2 hurricane by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

This is the second time this year that the system has made landfall in Louisiana, with the first being Hurricane Wilma, which devastated the state in November 2016.

Wintan will be headed west from the Mississippi River and into the Atlantic Ocean.

It is forecast that it is expected “to weaken or dissipate” over the next few days.

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