Anonymous announces it will take over the internet with satellite internet article Anonymous announced it would take over internet traffic with satellite networks on Friday, taking a step towards achieving a future in which the internet is decentralized and open.

The hacktivist group Anonymous posted a video on YouTube on Friday morning showing the launch of a satellite internet service with an estimated bandwidth of 40 terabits per second.

Anonymous said it would be using an advanced satellite network, dubbed a constellation, to take over some of the internet’s most popular websites.

Anonymous is one of several groups that have been working on similar plans.

Earlier this year, the group announced a plan to use an advanced solar satellite network to create an internet for the entire planet, as well as in a future world where the internet becomes decentralized.

Anonymous’ plan is far less ambitious than others, but it could serve as a blueprint for future attempts to create decentralized networks and a global internet.

Anonymous says its satellite internet will provide “free access” to websites.

But it said the service will also “serve as an open and transparent platform for communication, community building, and solidarity.”

It added that it would not share the information on the network, including the exact number of servers it will use or where it will be located.

Anonymous also announced plans for a decentralized version of the US Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, to serve as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, for internet service providers.

It also announced a joint venture between US military contractors Lockheed Martin and the military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton to build and operate a satellite communications network.

Anonymous has been working to take down websites since it started taking down websites in October 2014, using a decentralized network of volunteers known as the Dark Web.

That was a precursor to Anonymous’ own website, The Pirate Bay, which it had been using to host illegal music and other content.

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