In August 2020, the US space agency will send a NASA-made spacecraft to Mars.

Its name is the ExoMars rover.

Its mission will be to examine the surface of Mars and to make maps of its landscape.

Its goal is to understand how the planet formed and what changed in its formation and evolution.

NASA is the main contractor for the mission.

It is also the first American spacecraft to make the journey to Mars and the first to reach Mars from Earth.

But the first spacecraft that has made it to Mars is China.

That country’s first spacecraft to visit the red planet is a Chang’e-3 spacecraft, launched on October 2, 2020.

It arrived in orbit around the planet on October 23, 2020 and has been orbiting the planet since then.

Its purpose is to conduct a series of scientific measurements on the surface, including drilling into rocks to gather samples for future analysis.

China is the second-largest country in the world and has a large population of more than 30 million people.

Its space program is funded largely by the countrys state-owned enterprises, and it is expected to invest in its own space program in the future.

The mission is expected in 2025.

However, in 2017, China announced that it was planning to develop its own moon mission, with a crew of at least five.

It has previously sent three spacecraft to the Moon.

In 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for an international effort to find an alternative to the US-led effort to send humans to Mars by 2030.

The first such mission, a US mission called Deep Space Climate Observatory, launched in 2020, had to be delayed for safety reasons due to a lack of support from NASA.

The Chinese mission will likely be different from Deep Space, which was launched with the help of a US commercial company, SpaceX.

The US space program has been plagued by budget cuts and other setbacks since the end of the Cold War.

However there have been some positive steps in recent years.

The Space Launch System rocket that will launch NASA’s next rocket is being tested, and the US military is working on a new heavy-lift rocket called Orion.

The American Space Agency, meanwhile, is working with the European Space Agency to develop the Orion Heavy rocket, which is scheduled to be launched by 2020.

The European Space Probe Agency (ESA), which is part of the European Union, is developing the Europa orbiter mission, which will be sent to Europa by 2020 with a payload of three spacecraft.

NASA has also been working with Russian space agency Roscosmos, which has its own rocket, to launch its own probe to explore Jupiter.

In the past few years, the agency has begun to work with other countries in space exploration, including Japan, Canada, China and Russia.

The International Space Station has also recently been re-opened and is now operating at full capacity.

But there are also other problems that NASA faces.

The space agency has recently announced that the agency is considering cutting NASA’s budget to zero by 2027, which could have a negative impact on the agency’s ability to pursue human spaceflight, as well as the scientific missions it has launched in the past.

In 2018, NASA launched its first space shuttle mission, the Atlantis mission, and this year it launched the second shuttle mission.

In 2019, the first crew of the International Space Spaceship Expeditionary, a crew made up of NASA astronauts and Russians, arrived at the station for the first time.

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