A new system that predicts the sun’s location based on the sunspot cycle and geomagnetic field is now being tested in the United States.

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is testing a geo-tags system that uses geomagnetometers to track the sun and its magnetic field to determine when a storm is imminent.

The system uses a satellite’s GPS signal to determine the location of the sun at any given time.

It also uses a laser pointer to track how fast the sun rises and sets during the day.

This technology has previously been used to predict the sunburst on the Earth’s surface, but now is being tested as a means of predicting a solar flare or a solar eclipse.

It’s a promising idea that will give scientists a better idea of when and where a solar system will be at any moment.

“The sun is always a great place to be,” said John Kuehn, deputy director of the Solar and Space Institute at the University of Maryland.

“It’s the largest object in the sky that you can see from the earth.”

But the technology can be a bit tricky.

A satellite’s geomagnets have to be calibrated before they are used, which can take weeks or even months.

Also, the technology isn’t perfect, so you have to keep track of it all to make sure it works.

“A lot of it is in your head, because you can’t tell the difference between a sunspot and a coronal mass ejection,” said Kuehl.

The solar system’s orbit around the sun, known as its solar cycle, has its own cycle of solar activity.

In the first part of its cycle, the sun rotates once every 28 years, making a total of about 30 solar years.

In the second part of the cycle, solar activity slows down, making only three solar years between each cycle.

In total, the solar cycle lasts about 1,600 years.

Scientists at the National Solar Observatory, which manages the geo-Tag project, said that if geo-Tags works well, it could help astronomers predict when and how solar flares and eclipses will occur, and possibly even when and if they will hit Earth.

“We know we have an active solar system, and we know there are solar storms,” said Greg Witte, program manager for the geoTag project at the US National Solar Science Center at Ames Research Center.

“We’re not quite sure exactly what’s going on at that time.”

Witte said that scientists are interested in using geo-Tagging to predict solar flares, coronal masses ejections, and other extreme events, including super-storms.

The geo- Tags can measure the strength of the magnetic field around the Sun that makes up the sunspots, or sunspheres.

The sunspot cycles are the periods of time when the magnetic fields in the solar system can be strongest or weakest.

In other words, a sunstorm, for example, is when the suns magnetic field can be as strong as it is when it’s weakest.

Scientists will also be able to look at the solar field during a solar cycle to learn more about the evolution of the solar wind, which blows particles from the sun across space.

A solar wind is the strong winds that make up the solar surface.

The Solar and Solar-Systems Institute at Ames also will be testing geo- Tag to help predict how often a solar coronal explosion will occur.

In that event, the coronal blast will send up a burst of charged particles that will travel to the Earth.

Geo-Tag will measure the intensity of the corona in order to estimate the number of solar corona explosions.

The program will also study how geo- tags might help predict the formation of solar storms.

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