The world’s biggest telecoms firm Satsan has announced it is expanding its Free Mobile TV service to Australia and New Zealand.

The service, which launched in the US and Canada last year, has expanded to include the United Kingdom and the European Union in a bid to help businesses expand their international presence.

In the US, customers can stream content from more than 30 broadcasters, including Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, BBC, Sky and Vudu, as well as popular TV channels like CNN, ABC, AMC, Food Network and the History Channel.

However, Satsans service is restricted to the US states of California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho, where Satsnaps subscribers can stream to any mobile device.

The US carrier said the new US service was aimed at helping businesses grow in their home markets, but customers in Canada and Australia will also be able to access Satsons service.

The new service will be available to US customers in the next few weeks.

The company also announced it would launch a new, more affordable mobile hotspot service in Australia, in time for the holiday season.

In a statement, Sarsan said its Free Satellite TV would allow Australians to stream content to their mobile phones, including their TV and video conferencing devices.

The announcement comes after Satsenews founder and chief executive David Wachtell said the company was looking to expand beyond its US launch to Australia.

Satsnabs service in the UK has been in the works for years, but the company has yet to confirm when it might be available in the country.

Mr Wachtold CNBC the launch in Australia was “a real milestone” and was a big step in Satsa’s plan to make its service available across the globe.

“We’ve got more to do,” he said.

“Australia is going to be a big market for us, it’s just going to take a while to get to there.”

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