The future of our future is not in space, but in satellites.

The $50-billion satellite constellation Amazon is building is a first step towards that goal, with the goal of providing a massive array of satellites in space that will offer us a wide range of information and communications services to enable us to live a more connected and connected society.

The Amazon constellation, the company announced Tuesday, is a collection of six satellites designed to support the company’s Prime membership and Amazon Instant Video service.

This includes the first satellite to be launched into space: the CRS-6, or Commercial Reusable Space Launch Vehicle 6.

This is an American-built rocket that Amazon purchased in late 2017.

This rocket is expected to be used for the first time in 2019.

Amazon is working on four more commercial satellites, according to a press release, which will also be used to launch additional commercial satellites.

These are the satellites Amazon will use to deliver its Prime membership service, which is currently available only to subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.

The company is also working on a satellite to support its Amazon Web Services cloud computing service, according the press release.

This satellite, called the Global Positioning System-5 (GPS-5), will launch in 2019, Amazon said.

This satellite will provide the company with precise location information for its customers.

This information will allow Amazon to pinpoint its customers in real time.

The GPS-4 will launch later in 2020, and is the company and its customers first satellite.

The Global Position System-4 was launched in 2019 and is now owned by the European Space Agency.

The new constellation of satellites will provide a service that Amazon is looking to offer to customers.

As the company explains in its press release:Amazon is using this constellation of satellite to provide its Prime members with real-time location information and the ability to communicate directly with customers.

The services, which Amazon says will be available to customers in 2019 for $99 per year, will also allow customers to share their location and contact information with other Amazon Prime members.

These services will enable Amazon to expand its reach in the marketplace.

The data Amazon can gather with this data can be used by its customers to deliver targeted advertising, as well as other services.

This could be used, for example, by a retail store to deliver coupons to its customers based on their shopping habits.

These coupons could then be used in Amazon’s store to generate sales.

The Amazon Prime service has already been used to deliver a number of coupons, including $10 off a Kindle Fire tablet for a limited time.

Amazon is also using this service to offer new kinds of services to its Prime customers.

For example, Amazon is offering its Prime Now service, or “Prime for the Holidays,” a holiday shopping service that lets customers pay $7 per month for unlimited access to Amazon’s e-commerce stores, as long as they’re eligible.

This service is available in the United States and Canada for $7.99 a month.

Amazon will also use the new constellation to launch its Prime Music service, a service where customers can subscribe to Amazon Music and listen to songs in the cloud and get access to other Amazon Music services, as the company notes.

These services are also available in Canada for free.

Amazon also said that its Prime Video service, available to Prime subscribers worldwide, will launch next year.

This new constellation will provide service to Prime customers for a number for a few years.

In 2021, Amazon expects Prime Video to be able to offer customers the ability for Prime members to subscribe to services and services from other Amazon partners for a small monthly fee.

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