The Globe and Mail’s latest ranking of the most important things to do when you need to get online quickly, from downloading movies to downloading a magazine, has revealed that satellite internet speeds are getting more important than ever.

With a global population of roughly 1.6 billion, satellite internet is expected to be the single most important piece of infrastructure in the coming years, according to the survey by the internet research company Ipsos.

“The trend is pretty clear,” said Chris Soghoian, Ipsos’ senior analyst.

“It’s getting a lot more important now than ever.”

The report, based on data from more than 4,500 households, found that the average internet connection speeds for Canada, the U.S. and Japan have grown from 15 megabits per second to 36.4 megabit per second in the past five years.

In Canada, this growth is driven by the growing use of the internet by the public, and by an increase in the number of people who can afford the internet.

“These are very rapid increases in internet connectivity,” Soghosian said.

“They’re not happening over the horizon.

We’re seeing this in the U, where it’s accelerating.”

The latest Ipsos survey found that about 30 per cent of Canadian households have internet service of at least 10 megabITS, a number that has risen by nearly 25 per cent in the last five years, from 19.7 per cent to 22.4 per cent.

That has driven up the cost of internet service by about 35 per cent, and increased the number who are using the internet in most households from 11.5 per cent the previous survey to 17.4 in the latest report.

It is not just the average household that is experiencing the increased use of internet.

It’s the most remote areas of the country.

In the past two years, the average Canadian has experienced a drop in the amount of time they can stay online, according a survey by Ipsos, which used data from the Canada-U.S.-Japan International Telecommunication Union, or CTU, to compile the report.

That’s partly because of a combination of the federal government’s 2015 changes to the internet and a more limited number of providers, such as Bell and Telus.

The most popular service is now available from Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Telstra, and offers faster speeds than its competitors.

The data suggests that the popularity of satellite internet services has increased because people are using them for work and home use, said Soghoiian.

The report also found that Canadians are increasingly using satellite internet to access the internet for entertainment.

About 25 per and a half per cent said they used satellite internet for that purpose in the recent survey, up from just 6 per cent last year.

The survey also found Canadians were spending less money on their internet service in the years that followed.

The average monthly bill has risen over the past few years, to about $2,200, up about 40 per cent from about $1,800 in 2015.

The price of a Canadian home broadband connection jumped from $1.00 a month in 2016 to $1 a month this year, but still remains below the U of T’s average.

In a telephone interview, Soghoan said the average monthly price of satellite broadband services has more than doubled since 2010.

“This is driven primarily by the rapid expansion of satellite and cable internet service, and it has been a very good market for them,” he said.

In addition to satellite internet, Canadians also use a variety of other technology to connect to the web.

They are spending more on mobile broadband, and that includes a growing number of smartphones.

For example, the price of an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus increased more than 30 per in the same time period, according the Ipsos report.

SoghoSian said Canadians are also getting more internet connected to their homes, thanks to the increased popularity of virtual private networks (VPNs), which provide a virtual private network (VPN) that is secured from internet traffic, which makes it more difficult for hackers to access data.

“VPNs allow you to bypass the gatekeepers, which is a huge benefit to a lot of users,” Soong said.

He said there are many more things that can be done to make the internet more accessible to Canadians, including: “Making the internet less restrictive so that it can be more accessible.”

“Making it more accessible so that people don’t have to go through a VPN to access certain services.”

“Creating an online experience that’s not as intrusive and invasive as traditional forms of internet access.”

The Ipsos study also found the popularity and availability of video conferencing is rising, and there are now more video conferences in Canada than ever before.

The number of Canadians using video conferees to chat online has grown to nearly 8.6 million, up by about 4 million from last year, while video

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