NASA’s Caltech satellite mapping team is getting a new update.

The agency says it has just delivered the most comprehensive map of the sky in decades, giving scientists and astronomers a better sense of where stars are located.

The satellite’s new data has already been used to map the sky, but it has never been mapped so thoroughly.

This is a huge achievement.

But I’m also not so sure about its final outcome.

The satellite has been updated since its launch in September, and now shows the position of hundreds of millions of stars.

The new map is expected to be available on June 1, 2019.

This map will be useful for astronomers, scientists and scientists-to-be.

It will be a lot of data.

And it will be the first time a satellite map has been so thoroughly updated in over 20 years.

Caltech professor and astronomy professor Jonathan Shatz, the satellite’s project manager, says the new map will “make it really easy to look for those things that are actually happening in the sky.”

Shatz says this map will help astronomers “make sense of what’s going on in the universe and to get better data.”

This new map could help scientists “make a better case for why our current model of cosmology, which we think is the best we have, is wrong.”

Shatsatz says that “if you have a good model of the universe, you can make better arguments for what it might mean.”

He says that when the new data is released, astronomers will be able to compare the new position of stars to the old position.

Shatsatsays, “it’s really exciting that we have this new map that is really complete, because there’s still a lot to do.”

The new map, which is the largest of its kind in the world, will be published on June 4.NASA says the maps will help scientists find out where galaxies and other objects are.

Shatsatz tells Recode that the new maps will give astronomers a chance to “start making sense of the way the universe is changing.”

The map will allow astronomers to find out how much light is coming from distant objects.

Shatz said it is “really exciting that the map is a great place to start.”

He said the new satellites “will be able tell us what kind of light is going into the galaxy and how the light is diffusing through it.

They’ll be able also tell us how many galaxies there are.”

Shatters says, “we have so much data now.

But there are so many things we don’t know about the universe.

So, the map really opens up a lot more.”

This map is important because it will give us a better understanding of how the universe evolved over time.

It’ll also help astronomers find “the big bang,” which was a huge event that started about 10 billion years ago.

The map shows the positions of the stars and galaxies that are most likely to be stars.

Shatz says, that it is important for us to see where stars actually are, because we want to know if they’re really out there.

Shatters tells Recoode, “the new map does a lot.”

He explains, “It gives us the location of stars and tells us how much they have.

That is really important.”

In fact, Shatz told Recode, the new mapping “shows us that it’s pretty unlikely that these galaxies are just out there in space and that we’ve been able to map them out.”

Shtz says that astronomers will “know where stars were, and how long ago they were born, and we can use that information to figure out how galaxies are growing.”

He also tells Recuze, “You’ll have to be a little bit more precise about the way you measure distances, but that’s something we’re working on.”

Shapsatz says the map will give researchers “an opportunity to see how many stars are really there in our universe, and what their mass is.

That will be really helpful.”

Shatos says that, as scientists begin to map out the universe “it will give a lot better insight into the universe’s expansion.”

Shots of the sun and planets in the constellation of Capricorn, which appears in the northern hemisphere, are pictured in this image provided by the European Space Agency.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, is used to provide this view.

Shatos explains, in the next couple of years, scientists will be launching “a lot more” satellites.

“This will allow us to be able look at the entire sky,” Shatsatsaid.

We have an opportunity to use this data to find these new planets, Shatsat says.

“If we could find a planet orbiting that planet, that would be really cool.”

Shetsatz says we’ll “see what we can do with that data.”

The satellite will provide a much better view of the Milky Way than ever before. He

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