The UK is going mobile, and some people are having a lot of trouble finding a way to use it.

A new report by UK-based think tank Openreach says that nearly one in three British households now have a mobile broadband connection.

The report, titled What’s Next in the Future of the UK’s Mobile Broadband, says that while many people are happy to take advantage of free mobile internet on their mobile devices, a large number are finding it difficult to get the same benefits they did a few years ago.

The report comes as the UK government prepares to release its broadband plans in April and, according to Openreach, the UK is now on track to have 4G/LTE networks covering most of the country by 2021.

Openreach says the government plans to provide £1bn ($1.4bn) of free broadband in the 2020-21 financial year, with a further £800m coming from grants, and £800 million in additional funding from other sources.

Openest says the UK has been working towards a high-speed fibre-optic network since 2012, but it says a recent upgrade to the UK-wide fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network, which will provide faster speeds, has made it more feasible to provide the same services to a wider number of households.

The UK government is set to announce its broadband strategy later this year.

Openreach points out that the UK needs to expand its broadband network to cover the majority of the population, and it wants to see as many households as possible connected to a high speed connection.

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