GUSTER satellites have already been successfully launched and are currently collecting data for the NASA-funded space agency.

The agency is also preparing to launch the first of its three new deep-space missions later this year.NASA said the satellite would be able to collect a wide range of data from deep space and would provide an important step towards developing technologies to help protect the human race from asteroids, comets and other space debris.

But one of the main problems for the agency is the cost.

The Deep Space Gateway, which will be built at Cape Canaveral, Florida, costs about $400 million.

And the agency’s main objective is to develop technologies to protect human life, said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden in an interview with NBC News.

“What we’re looking for is a long-term solution,” Bolden said.

“That’s not just for our current mission, that’s for our future mission.

That’s not going away.

It’s not a question of, ‘I’m going to put this satellite in orbit and we’re going to have a good time.’

That’s going to take some time.

It has to be done.

That takes some time.”

But NASA wants to keep the money going by putting in money for the next generation of spacecraft that would enable NASA to take on more deep space missions.

“The cost to get us to Mars will be more than what we’re asking for, which is why we’re so eager to have an advanced technology that is going to save lives,” Boldens said.NASA hopes to launch a mission called Deep Space 5 in 2019.

It will be the first in a series of deep space satellites.

But it will also launch a new generation of satellites that will allow the agency to explore more of the solar system, including the outer planets.

“That’s going in some of our space missions and we want to do those as quickly as possible,” Boldent said.

“We’re really focused on the space program now and I think that the space programs have really grown and evolved over the past 40 years, and that’s really where we want our focus to be.”

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