Free TV service Google’s satellite TV service will only offer access to the company’s own content, not to a third party such as Netflix. 

The decision has reignited the debate over whether Google should be allowed to sell its own services. 

This week the US Federal Communications Commission announced plans to review the company, and the decision is likely to be met with some scepticism. 

If Google does not want to sell itself, that means that it has to sell the vast majority of its TV services, or pay up for them to be free. 

In this context, the question is not whether Google can offer its own service, but how much it is willing to sell to pay for them. 

That’s because the US government has the power to block Google’s TV services if they violate antitrust laws. 

To make matters worse, Google has faced strong criticism from some in Congress for the way it handles its own content. 

While Google has not formally denied that it will sell its services to Netflix, it has repeatedly denied that its TV content will be subject to a “Netflix” licence. 

Google says that it would never offer a Netflix service in the US, and has been quick to distance itself from the company. 

However, its own terms of service suggest otherwise. 

Netflix’s terms of use, for example, state that it “may offer to provide certain Google products, services and other content through a service operated by Google Inc.”

Google does say that it does not offer any content for its own TV service, nor does it have any rights to use the Google logo. 

So what does Google say about this? 

According to the Google terms of services, it is allowed to “offer, sell, license, lease or sublicense its intellectual property for commercial use” to “all other content providers, including the internet content providers (ICPs)”. 

This is true, but it only applies to the internet service that Google itself provides, and not any other third party. 

“ICP” is the term Google uses to refer to the various ISPs that it offers access to. 

Some ISPs, such as Google’s own, use the term “Internet Service Provider” to describe their services.

Google is not, however. 

These are the terms of a licensing agreement that Google signed with its own internet service provider, Time Warner Cable. 

As the terms states, Time’s licensing agreements with Google are “in place to ensure that Google does a good job of delivering its products and services to its customers”. 

Google does not directly control the internet access that its customers have access to, but as the terms suggest, Google is able to choose what content to provide. 

There is no provision in the terms that says that Google is allowed, or even allowed to, offer its services directly to its own customers. 

Furthermore, it appears that Google has no control over the way its services are delivered. 

Time Warner Cable does not specify which internet services Google will be able to offer, and it does have a separate, independent, contract with Google. 

One of Google’s internet services is the YouTube video service. 

It is a service that is accessible to the public at large, and that allows the public to upload videos of themselves to YouTube. 

According the terms, Time is not able to give YouTube access to its content, and is not allowed to make YouTube available to Time Warner customers.

“While we believe that we have the right to use YouTube for all of our customers, we cannot do so in order to ensure our customers can access our products and provide their own content,” Time Warner’s Terms of Service state. 

What does Google mean by that? 

In the Google TV terms of agreement, Time says that its content is “limited to certain content and features available through Google services”. 

These include “certain content and feature of YouTube” and “certain third party websites”. 

In other words, YouTube content and third party sites cannot be included in Time Warner cable’s content and services.

It is possible that Google’s Terms Of Service allow Time Warner to offer Google TV, but not Google TV itself. 

But what does Time Warner say? 

Time’s Terms & Conditions state that Time’s content is available to all Time Warner subscribers, including “those who have subscribed to the service on a Time Warner account”. 

That means that all Time Warrants have access, whether they pay for the service or not. 

Additionally, Google TV is a feature of Time Warner content.

The Terms of Services also state that “the service may be accessed and operated by Time Warner”. 

If Time Warner wants to provide Google TV to its subscribers, it will have to agree to that arrangement. 

On the other hand, if Google wants to offer its service to other internet service providers, it could offer it to them, or offer to its competitors. 

With Netflix, Google offers an option

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