Chinese satellites are getting smarter and are getting closer to using your remote control to adjust their position and orientation.

The Chinese satellite makers have been working on these remote control chips and the chips are getting more and more capable.

They are getting better and better, and it’s starting to look like we may be in for a big breakthrough with this technology.

According to the Chinese space agency, China’s National Space Administration, the country’s Space Administration is currently working on a satellite controller chip that will allow the Chinese satellite companies to control their satellites remotely.

This is something that many have been asking for.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the chip will use a wireless transmitter that can send data from the satellite’s antenna up to a remote computer that can be used for remote control.

The report said that this new chip will be a step towards making remote control capabilities more secure and useful for all kinds of applications.

There are already a lot of ways for people to control Chinese satellites.

One example is with an iPhone app called Remote View.

The app allows you to control a Chinese satellite using your phone.

However, this isn’t a remote control feature for the Chinese satellites, but rather a way to display a map or show an interactive map that shows where the satellite is in relation to its orbit.

That way, you can get a real-time look at the location of the satellite without having to download and install an app.

This technology is likely to become more and better with the Chinese government’s push towards using satellites to keep tabs on their citizens.

This could mean more and higher-quality data about the citizens of China, and potentially even the U.S.

This is just the beginning of the Chinese Space Administration’s ambitious plan to use satellites for geo-tracking and tracking of military and other military activities.

This would make it easier for Chinese citizens to know where their loved ones are and what’s going on in the world.

In fact, this could be a big step towards the country becoming the world’s most advanced surveillance nation.

China is already making some pretty big moves in the geo-spatial field, with the launch of a new satellite in 2020 that will measure the position of objects in the sky and track the locations of people.

Another satellite is set to launch in 2021.

In the next decade, China plans to launch more than 100 satellites to monitor weather, space, and other celestial phenomena.

The Chinese government will continue to use satellite technology to monitor people around the world, and China is now developing a satellite that can do the same thing.

This new chip would allow China to track and control satellites that are located thousands of miles away.

China could use this technology to track the movements of people and objects around the globe and it could potentially become the worlds most advanced tracking nation.

The U.K. is also planning to launch a satellite in 2021 that will be able to track objects in space and track people from space.

This could be an important step in China’s plans for space control.

It would allow the country to track military movements in real time and give the Chinese military an advantage.

China could also use this capability to track people in the U., U.N., and other international organizations and agencies.

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