Satellite internet service has been a key feature of the satellite internet network since it was rolled out in 2003.

But it’s not always been easy for businesses to use the service because of some of the infrastructure issues it faces.

But now a group of small business owners in Western Australia are fighting to have it restored.

Read moreRead more”It’s a good opportunity for us to make it more viable,” said Tom Rourke from the Satellite Operators Association of Western Australia.

“We’ve had some issues with the equipment and the phone lines but we’ve also had issues with it being inaccessible.”

The Satellite Operator Association of West Australia says satellite internet is a vital service to remote businesses and is vital to the success of the internet and mobile technology.

The group is working to find a way to provide satellite internet to remote communities and has set up a Satellite Operating System Operators Network (SOS-WAN) in partnership with the WA Government.

It is a free service, and anyone can access the satellite broadband for a $10 fee.

“We have been working on this for a number of years and we’ve got some really strong community support in the area,” Mr Rourke said.

“The majority of our business is in remote communities, in remote towns and remote villages.”SOS operates under the auspices of the Telecommunications Authority of Australia, and is available to small businesses and rural residents.

The Satellite Operator Association of WA has also put up posters in the local community telling people about the satellite service.

“It gives us a great opportunity to show the community we are here, and we’re not just in the city, we’re in the remote,” Mr Jevons said.

“We’re also talking about what we have to do with this service and how we are going to use it to make a real difference in the community.”

The satellite internet has become a key part of the WA economy, with the region’s business community saying satellite internet will help them grow and grow in the future.

“There’s a lot of people who want to do things that have to be done from afar, so we’re doing this to support them, we are doing this for their business,” Mr Kynne said.

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