The NFL has been searching for a way to stream video from the game field to fans outside the home, and the league’s top officials want to make sure fans can get that service.

The league wants to bring its game-day entertainment to fans of all ages with a satellite service that would be available in the next few years, league officials said Tuesday.

The league, which has spent years searching for the right technology to provide its fans with a streaming video experience, said it is considering building a new satellite network and would work with satellite operators and other stakeholders to ensure that it is available for customers in a timely manner.

The idea, outlined in a letter from the NFL’s VP of communications and public affairs, Michael DeHaan, and a letter sent to all league teams, is to offer fans a streaming service that is not just a cable provider, but also a network that allows viewers to watch the games on their TVs in their own homes.

The NFL will also work with the industry to determine which companies can offer such a service, the letter said.

The plan for a new network, called a satellite TV service, comes at a time when the league is looking to expand its footprint beyond its home stadium, where it has an expansive television deal with Comcast and DirecTV.

The new network would allow the league to offer customers a high-definition stream of the games at a more affordable price, DeHaans said.

“We’re looking for a provider that can deliver high-quality video to a consumer,” DeHaen said in a statement.

The NFL has long been working on ways to make fans more connected to their favorite teams. “

While we haven’t announced any plans to begin the process of building a service for the NFL yet, we look forward to sharing details as they become available.”

The NFL has long been working on ways to make fans more connected to their favorite teams.

It launched the NFL GamePass service, which lets fans watch games on mobile devices through their television sets.

The service has been criticized by some who say it lacks a compelling subscription option, and it has drawn complaints from other sports leagues, including the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and Major League Baseball.

Last week, the league also announced it would expand the number of people who could buy digital tickets through the game ticket website StubHub, which it had shut down.

The satellite network, which would offer fans an even faster and more affordable way to watch games, would be in line with a recent announcement by AT&T, Verizon and other companies that they were looking to offer similar services in the coming years.

The goal of a satellite network is to provide a streaming network that is both affordable and secure, according to the letter sent by DeHa, who said the league would work closely with satellite companies and other providers to develop a network.

The proposal is not yet final, and details are subject to change, the officials said.

The NFL also said that the NFL Network, which currently airs in the fall and winter, will continue on its current schedule through the end of 2018.

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