Google Maps is still struggling to find you.

But you can now use the company’s new “Best Satellite Phone” feature to find where you are on Earth.

Google is rolling out the feature today, but it’s only available to Google+ users.

The feature can help you find a location by comparing your current location to a satellite image, as well as using Google Maps to track your location.

You can use the feature to quickly pinpoint a location where you need to go, or to determine where you’ll be when you’re ready.

It’s not as simple as Google Maps will remember where you’ve been, but there are some caveats to the feature.

You’ll need to use a satellite phone to see the location and then select the “Best” option, which is limited to only one of four satellite images.

The location that’s selected must be within your own current geo-fenced area.

You also need to be within 5 miles of your current position to use this feature.

And the location that you select will only be considered valid for up to a week before it disappears from Google Maps.

The new feature is available to users who have Google+ or Android apps signed in.

You have to be signed in with the same Google account that you use for your Google+ account.

It also requires that you have a Google account for the satellite phone feature to work.

To use the new feature, you’ll have to have a satellite radio connected to your Google account, and you’ll need a satellite that has the GPS capability to track it.

Once you’ve connected your satellite phone, you can select the best location to use, and then hit the map icon to get directions to that location.

Google also released a guide for using the feature, which you can download for free here.

The only downside to using this feature is that it’s not available to everyone.

The best satellite phones for mobile use

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