The sun is known for a host of problems including pollution, the sun’s influence on climate, its impact on the environment and its impact in humans.

But this week, researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) announced they have found the sun may actually be able to hurt us.

Sunspots and sunspots, or sunspot-like structures, are places in the sun where the sun is shining and can cause temporary or permanent damage.

They are not the suns most common and dangerous problem.

But researchers at JPL and NASA say they have discovered that a few spots, or shanks, may actually cause damage to the atmosphere.

“Our study suggests that even a small number of these spots in the Sun may actually contribute to a lot of damage,” JPL’s Matthew McFarland, lead author and a researcher at JPSL, said in a statement.

“This could potentially be the cause of some of the global warming we are seeing.”

McFarland and his colleagues found that sunspott-like particles from the sun can cause particles in the upper atmosphere to collide with the sunspark-like materials.

In the study, they also found that these particles could cause a cloud to form in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The sun’s particles are believed to be responsible for the sunspot cycle, which occurs when the sun begins to release energy into the solar system.

The sunsparks are a collection of energetic particles, known as solar wind, that are ejected by the sun from the planet.

The solar wind is a collection that’s constantly churning as it orbits the sun.

This process, known in astronomy as solar cycle 24, is what causes the sun to appear as a bright star on Earth’s sky.

When the sun sets, the Sun will appear as an orange dot and the Earth will be covered in bright blue skies.

But the sun never really sets.

As the Sun rises, it heats up and emits energy that heats the Earth and its atmosphere.

This energy is released in the form of solar wind that is pushed out into space.

This solar wind acts like a kind of heat pump, causing the Sun to rise higher in the sky.

But during solar minimum, when the Sun is near the Sunspots end of the cycle, the solar wind slows down and the Sun falls below the Sun.

This is where the impact of the solar minimum can have an impact on Earth.

As the Sun approaches the end of its cycle, this energy will start to cool down and this could result in the planet becoming hotter and drier.

This may lead to the sun becoming a red-hot object that burns up the atmosphere as it does so.

Scientists have been wondering how much of this heat will be released and how much will be lost to space.

So far, the research has been focused on sunspotted material.

But McFarall and his team say they’ve found a number of other material that can cause sunsparts, including material from the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn.

The material is known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

McFarall said the new research could help researchers understand how much heat is lost to the Sun during solar Minimum.

“We are finding material that has the potential to cause sunspot activity,” he said.

In addition to McFarlands work, the JPL researchers used X-ray diffraction imaging (XRD) to study the solar particles from a region near a sunspot.

They found that the particles from these sunsponds had a lot in common with the materials from coronal masses ejections.

This could indicate that the sun has a similar composition to coronal materials that could explain the sun being able to produce CMEs.

“It seems like we are getting closer and closer to understanding this sunspot phenomenon,” McFarman said.

McFarlands study has been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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