In a world where doctors are often forced to use their own body parts to inject patients with drugs, doctors like Dr. James P. Litt have found a way to make it easier.

His method is to inject drugs into patients, and then remove them from their bodies.

He says it’s not about killing them, but rather letting them die, while also helping them recover.


LITT and his team at the University of Miami Medical Center are among the first in the U.S. to inject a patient with drugs that can heal wounds.


Dr. Litterst, who has been working in the field for a decade, says he’s not a medical doctor, but a pharmacist, and his interest in helping patients and their families has brought him closer to people in need.

When the drug that he is injecting in his patients is not working, he inserts the drug into the blood, then removes it with a needle.

It’s a process called lipidization.

The liver produces enzymes that help the liver rid itself of the drug, and the blood also removes the drug.

So, the liver can use the drugs to make more drugs.

The same goes for the heart, which produces cholesterol.

So it’s like a cocktail of these drugs, and it can then be removed from the body, and these are the drugs that are being used to heal the wounds.

The first step is that they have to have blood vessels in their body that are connected to the body’s immune system.

The immune system is the body that helps fight infections, and they need to have these blood vessels so that the immune system can recognize and kill these infections.

Then the blood vessels have to be injected into the wound and removed, because they can’t heal in the blood without the drugs.



Litte, a clinical professor of medicine at the School of Medicine at the Icahn School of Health Sciences at Mount Sinai and an associate director of the Institute for Health Policy Research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, says that with lipids, there are no drugs in there.

There’s nothing like that, there’s no chemical or physical interaction, so it’s just a process of taking the drug and the body just removes it.

The process is reversible.

And, LITT says, if you look at it in the context of how many of us use lipids to treat our wounds and wounds are being treated right now with antibiotics, the next step is to look at the whole wound.

And the first step to looking at the entire wound is looking at all the cells in the wound, to make sure they’re healthy.

When they’re not, they’re probably not healthy enough.

LIPP: What about patients who are just too old or too sick to have a doctor?

LITT: If they’re just too sick or old or just too far away, they probably can’t get a blood transfusion, and you don’t want to do that to them.

But if they’re in the right place and you can’t do it, the blood will clot and you have to go through an emergency procedure.

So the second step is looking for a blood donor, and that person has to be able to be there for a while, and also be able get some blood into the vein.

LISA KAPLAN: How can a doctor do this?

A doctor might say, well, I have to give you a drug, so you have a chance to use it, and I need your consent.

LITE: You know, that’s the whole idea of this.

The doctor doesn’t have to do anything, it’s up to you.

LISAS KAPLANEN: What if you have no money to pay for the drugs?

LITERS: It’s very important, LISA, that the donor be able and willing to take part in the process.

You know what we do here at the ICU, we put up a tent with a table that’s just set up so that if there is a chance that there might be an infection, then we can have a blood draw.

So if we’re getting a little bit of blood from the donor, we have to make a big cut and put that in the donor bag, and we’re putting all of the bags on the table in that tent.

Then we’re all just sitting there with a little table, we’re looking at this, and a doctor can come in and have a look.

And if there’s any blood that’s not looking good, they can take that, too.

And we have a system where we have two teams that come together, and one team is looking to see if there are any infections, the other team is

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