A new dark knight internet service that uses the internet to help with disaster relief, is offering free internet for two weeks to anyone who can access it.

The service, DarkKnight, is run by the Australian-based Disaster Relief Australia (DRA), a non-profit organisation that works with governments to promote disaster relief.

It offers the service on the condition that it is not advertised, which it has done for a number of years, said DRA CEO Mark Wilson.

“Our priority is to ensure that as many Australians as possible can access the internet as quickly as possible,” he said.

“The dark knight website is not currently available for download and we have only had access to the web since Friday.”

In light of the recent tragic events in the world, we believe that it would be best to offer this service free of charge for two months, to allow the public to make the best decision for them, rather than to have the internet blocked at any point.

“Wilson said the DarkKnight website was not designed to be used for commercial purposes.”

It was designed to allow people to access information on the internet that they could use without fear of censorship,” he told ABC News.”

People can access information that they might need in the event of a disaster, but we don’t want to see people censored on the dark knight site because it might not be the best option for them.

“The DarkKnight service provides internet access for those in need.

It uses a free, open source version of the Google Search Engine and it uses a customised version of Apache, a web server that provides a secure, efficient, and fast web browsing experience.DRA says the service will cost $5 per month and is available to all Australians.

It is the latest service to come under fire by those who say it is commercial exploitation of disaster relief efforts.

Last month, a report by the Commonwealth Ombudsman found the company had engaged in “commercial exploitation” of the Australian Government’s Disaster Relief program.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched a probe into the Dark Knight site.

It is also seeking to determine if DarkKnight’s operators had broken Australia’s copyright laws.

The DRA website says the site is designed to provide an alternative to the internet by “giving people a way to access relevant information and help them plan for the future”.”

If you have information about an emergency, or if you are in a crisis, we can help you get out of trouble,” it said.

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