By Brian DunningNASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is going to be the first human-made object to make its way to another star system.

It’s a milestone for human exploration of our solar system, and for the technology needed to make it possible.

We’ve all been waiting for the next mission, the next space probe to reach another star.

It’s a big one.

Its mission to Pluto will be the culmination of nearly 40 years of work.

It has now taken a full year to get to this point, and the spacecraft is only on track to launch in 2024.

What makes New Horizons so exciting, even though its going to have to make several difficult stops, is the mission’s ambition.

It is a journey to explore the outer reaches of the solar system.

Its a journey into the unknown.

The mission’s mission is not limited to Pluto.

It aims to look beyond our own solar system to look at the outer planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the moons of Uranus and Neptune.

Its also a journey around the edges of the known universe, and to understand how our solar systems are formed.

It is a mission to explore a whole different type of space, one that is so much more interesting and different than what we have seen in the outer solar system before.

The spacecraft has been designed from the ground up to look for evidence of life on other planets.

The spacecraft has a large mass and a small diameter.

Its called a “planet hunter” spacecraft.

It can do this because its not going to take much to find life on the other planets that it is going through the system.

Its not going after planets it can’t see, and its not taking out planets it doesn’t know about.

Its going after exoplanets that might be habitable for humans.

Its looking for signs of water, and gas that could be produced by the reaction of water and carbon dioxide on Mars.

It also looks for methane in the atmospheres of some of the exoplanet atmospheres.

Its looking for rocky worlds that are very similar to Earth.

Its trying to determine whether or not they could support life.

Its just looking for evidence, and finding that evidence is not easy.

We’ve seen this in many previous missions to the outer edges of our galaxy.

It took decades for the Hubble Space Telescope to find any signs of alien life.

The New Horizons mission is the first mission that’s going to go out in a narrow band, to the region of space where there are planets.

And it is a narrowband mission.

Its only going to search for evidence that there are worlds around other stars.

Its in the vicinity of stars that are around 5 times the mass of our sun, and it’s in the closest point to them, about 4 billion light years away.

Its a very narrow band.

We know from the way it orbits that its going through a very small band of stars.

So there is a very limited amount of time, and a very large amount of potential signal, for it to make any discoveries.

In fact, New Horizons is going so far out in that narrow band that it could find evidence for life that we’ve never seen before.

Its only going in that area of space because it knows that if it does find life, it can get close enough for us to detect it.

And that’s important because, when we look for life in the universe, there’s a certain threshold of detection.

We look for signals that go beyond a certain point.

And we know that if there are alien life, we know it.

So that threshold is very low.

Its possible that we have to look farther out, but that’s not a requirement.

Its not like we’ve got to go all the way to the farthest point in the sky.

It just depends on what we are looking for.

Its interesting because we don’t really know how far out we can go.

Its going to give us an opportunity to look really far into the universe and see if there’s any life out there.

And it is also interesting because there’s not going too far out.

It does have to go to some stars that we don, or should, see in the whole universe.

We don’t know that we can see planets beyond our solar region.

Its in the region where we’ve discovered planets like Kepler-186f.

And there’s been a lot of work that has been done looking for planets beyond that region.

It turns out that we are only looking at about 10% of the sky in this region, and if we go into the dark, there are probably not going for signs that we would have noticed.

But what we do know is that, for the foreseeable future, if we do find signs of life, there is going be a huge amount of work to do in that region to determine if we are on the right track.

So the goal is to find as much evidence as we can. And

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